Charles Ross & Son Company Motionless Mixer ISG

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Motionless Mixer - ISG - Charles Ross & Son Company
Hauppauge, NY, United States
Motionless Mixer ISG
Two basic-No Moving Parts- Motionless Mixer designs are offered for use in turbulent and laminar flow mixing applications. The ISG (interfacial surface generator)consists of individual mixing elements that are stacked in a tubular housing. The ends of the elements are shaped so that the adjacent elements form a tetrahedral chamber. Four holes bored through each element provide the flow paths. The holes are at oblique angles so that material near the periphery (i.e. near the pipe wall) on the inlet side of the element emerges near the center on the outlet side. The material exiting one element then enters near the center into the second element and exits near the wall. This radial mixing eliminates the wall smearing effect that can be otherwise encountered when mixing viscous materials.
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Technical Specifications

  Charles Ross & Son Company
Product Category Industrial Mixers
Product Number ISG
Product Name Motionless Mixer
Mixer / Homogenizer Location In-Line
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