CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components Communication Controllers and multifunction Solid State Relays NRGC

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Communication Controllers and multifunction Solid State Relays NRGC
The NRGC is the NRG controller in the NRG BUS chain. The NRGC interfaces directly with the main controller of the system through Modbus RTU on an RS485 interface. Each NRGC in the system is identified by a unique Modbus address that can be set either manually via a front selector switch that allows only Modbus addresses 1 to 15 or through dedicated registers for addresses 1 to 247. The default Modbus communication settings can also be modified via dedicated registers. The NRGC acts as a master of the respective NRG BUS chain when it is requested by the main controller to carry out actions on the specific NRG BUS chain. Otherwise, the NRGC is just a facilitator of the communication between the main controller and each individual RG..N solid state relay in the system. The NRGC needs to be supplied with 24 VDC. It is equipped with a configurable digital output that is set as an NRGC alarm indication as the default setting. LEDs on the front facade give a visual indication of the status of the NRGC, of any ongoing communication with the main controller (COM) and the RG..Ns on the BUS chain (BUS) and of any alarm condition related specifically to the NRGC. Specifications are noted at 25°C unless otherwise specified.
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Technical Specifications

  CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components
Product Category Universal Process Controllers
Product Number NRGC
Product Name Communication Controllers and multifunction Solid State Relays
Form Factor Chassis
Type Switch / Relay Input; Fieldbus / Network Input
Standards and Compliance RoHS
Controller Type NRG Controller
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