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Antenna Doublers & Adapter Plates
Antenna installations on aircraft require a special set of skills. CarlisleIT brings those skills to the marketplace with specialized engineering staff and decades of experience. Our staff includes a damage tolerance DER (one of only 8 in the US) as well as several fatigue specialists to assure that our antenna designs have the longest possible intervals for repeat inspection. CarlisleIT has developed long life installations on aircraft as small as acrobatic trainers and as large as 747-400s for systems and antennas of every description. All Carlisle Interconnect Technologies adapters and doublers are manufactured from top aircraft grade materials and are fully tested to ensure product operational reliability. Detailed installation drawings and appropriate data are included with each kit that is shipped. CarlisleIT always strives to achieve optimal inspection intervals and the easiest possible on site installation with all the support you need for success. You can be confident that CarlisleIT can handle even the most complicated antenna installation program.
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  Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
Product Category Antennas
Product Name Antenna Doublers & Adapter Plates
Applications Aerospace or Military
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