Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC Tomography Machine Metrotom 800


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Tomography Machine Metrotom 800
Your Choice for Compact Precision Parts METROTOM 800 is tailored to the requirements of the injection molding industry. It meets all the requirements of mid-sized companies in the plastic, composite material and ceramic part industry. It also features an attractive price/performance ratio. Minimal system maintenance costs and maximum availability were decisive during the development of METROTOM 800. This was achieved through the use of maintenance-free micro-focus X-ray tube technology. Extremely small focal points enable razor-sharp projection images on the detector – the foundation for high measuring accuracy. The METROTOM 800 detector delivers almost three million pixels for very high detail recognition. Continuously adjustable travel mechanism Inside the cylinder-shaped measuring range, parts can be placed in any position in the beam path via a continuously adjustable travel mechanism. The detector is always optimally illuminated with the part projection. Together with the vertical adjustment, this function allows you to enlarge specific areas of the parts to measure details in relation to the entire part. Through the use of polymer concrete for the enclosure, the use of lead can be largely avoided. Here, Carl Zeiss demonstrates how the utilization of modern materials can provide maximum protection of employees, system operators and the environment – while implementing perfect measuring technology, ergonomic excellence and a corresponding design.
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  Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC
Product Category Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Equipment
Product Number Metrotom 800
Product Name Tomography Machine
Form Factor Monitoring System
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