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Tomography Machine Metrotom 1500
The Ideal Machine for a Wide Range of Parts METROTOM 1500 - the ideal, CT-based coordinate measuring machine for a wide variety of applications regarding the size and material density. METROTOM 1500 was specially developed for a wide performance range to meet the different requirements encountered in internal or external measuring and qualification labs on a daily basis. Parts made of plastic, ceramics or composite materials, as well as magnesium, aluminum and steel can be dimensionally measured and highly efficiently evaluated. Always ideal detail resolution and measuring accuracy The ideal part magnification is selected for each application through the gradual positioning of the part between the X-ray source and the detector. The user always receives optimal detail resolution and measuring accuracy. METROTOM 1500 can also be equipped with a higher-resolution detector to make even finer part structures visible. You can enlarge the detailed view if very small features on a large workpiece need to be measured with high accuracy. This is then evaluated in reference to the entire part. This function is enabled through the precise positioning of the part in different directions using the vertically adjustable rotary table. Long service life thanks to X-ray tube technology The open X-ray tube technology used enables a practically unlimited system service life and turns METROTOM 1500 into a sustained economical investment. With its radiation protective enclosure, METROTOM 1500 meets the requirements of a full-protection machine. The system can thus be set up practically anywhere. There is no risk of radiation exposure for the environment or the operator. The machine door is motorized. METROTOM 1500 can also be loaded by a robot using an external controller.
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  Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC
Product Category Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Equipment
Product Number Metrotom 1500
Product Name Tomography Machine
Applications Inclusions; Pore / Void
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