Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC Bridge-type Measuring CMM Machine ACCURA 2000


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Bridge-type Measuring CMM Machine ACCURA 2000
Tailored to your needs and budget The platform concept of the ACCURA 2000 allows you to configure the measuring machine to your needs. If your requirements on equipment, sensors and software change, ACCURA 2000 changes too. You benefit from an attractive price and low lifecycle costs. The technical highlights of ACCURA 2000 include the innovative insulation technology, new air bearings for short travel distances and higher workpiece throughput. The maintenance friendly design ensures maximum availability. ACCURA 2000 bridge-type measuring machine Temperature independence thanks to F.I. technology Temperature fluctuations must be taken into consideration, particularly with measuring applications near production. The bridge of the new ACCURA 2000 is equipped with a unique, high-performance insulation system that ensures the required precision in shop floor operations. Freely selectable measuring temperature (20-26°C) Measuring machines must be operated under constant temperatures. With the ACCURA 2000, you can freely select the measuring temperature and reduce air conditioning costs. Maximum sensor flexibility All available sensors from Carl Zeiss can be used on the ACCURA 2000. “mass” multisensor technology enables the time-saving change out of optical and contact sensors. Performance Package featuring navigator technology The Performance Package for ACCURA 2000 contains the VAST navigator option for even more accurate scanning. This technology always achieves maximum travel and scanning speed, thus reducing your valuable measuring time to a minimum. The necessary safety technology with laser monitoring is also part of the package. Options VAST navigator “mass” multisensor technology Rotary table to measure rotationally symmetric parts RST-T temperature sensor with active interface
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Technical Specifications

  Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC
Product Category Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
Product Number ACCURA 2000
Product Name Bridge-type Measuring CMM Machine
z-axis 1500 inch (38100 mm)
Control Manual; CNC; PC; Joystick Controller
Mounting Options Free Standing
x-axis 2000 inch (50800 mm)
y-axis 4200 inch (106680 mm)
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