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Constant Temperature Bath - CT-500 - CANNON Instrument Company
State College, PA, United States
Constant Temperature Bath CT-500
For Kinematic Viscosity from 20 °C to 100 °C ASTM D445/D446, ISO 3104/3105 The CT-500 series constant temperature bath accommodates viscometer tubes requiring a bath depth up to 12" and provides reliable temperature control from 20 °C to 100 °C . The unit accommodates up to 7 simultaneous viscosity determinations. Common Applications Formulated oil analysis Hydraulic oil analysis Additive analysis Marine fuel testing Base stock analysis Light and heavy fuel testing Waxes/paraffin Crude oil testing Glycols
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Technical Specifications

  CANNON Instrument Company
Product Category Water Baths
Product Number CT-500
Product Name Constant Temperature Bath
Temperature Accuracy 0.0100 +/-K (0.0180 +/-F)
Configuration Controlled Bath
Certifications ASTM D 445
User Interface Analog (optional feature); Digital (optional feature)
Depth 14.25 inch (362 mm)
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