Can-Do National Tape ST506 Bemis Seam Sealing Tape

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ST506 Bemis Seam Sealing Tape -  - Can-Do National Tape
Nashville, TN, United States
ST506 Bemis Seam Sealing Tape
Bemis ST506 Seam Sealing Tape is a 2 layer seam tape designed to seal sewn seams on vinyl or plyurethane coated fabrics. ST506 Bemis Tape offers a wide processing window when applied using coventional hot air sealing equipment. The increased melt flow of the adhesive layer helps promote a proper seal of crossover seams. The high melting point barrier layer allows for sealing heavy seam constructions.
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  Can-Do National Tape
Product Category Industrial Tapes
Product Name ST506 Bemis Seam Sealing Tape
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