Can-Do National Tape Bemis 3412 Sewfree Adhesive Film Tape

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Bemis 3412 Sewfree Adhesive Film Tape -  - Can-Do National Tape
Nashville, TN, United States
Bemis 3412 Sewfree Adhesive Film Tape
Bemis 3412 Sewfree Tape is an extremely soft elastomeric adhesive with excellent recovery. It is designed to be used in Sewfree® applications where low modulus and recovery are required. Fabrics that are bonded using this adhesive exhibit excellent wash resistance and retain most of their elasticity. Bemis 3412 Sewfree Tape is lighter, sleeker, more durable and a whole lot more attractive. It’s the natural next step in the evolution of apparel, soft goods, and automotive designs. Sewfree tapes are designed to enhance the look and feel of performancewear, outerwear and lifestyle apparel. The High Recovery Tape replaces elastics and bulky sewn seams in performancewear and intimate wear. It allows for optimum stretch and recovery while maintaining a sleek, smooth seam and/or hem. These films allow designers to create durable, high-quality reflective design elements without sewing. Because it’s bonded, there are no stitch holes for water to seep into - improving water resistance. Keeping customers drier and happier. Improves factory efficiencies lighter, Sleeker, and more durable More attractive Environmentally-frie ndly Minimizes waste Reduces overall seam weight up to 30% Up to 40% less restrictive than sewn seams Improves water resistance Rigorous lab and field testing done Breathability is maintained when bonding fabric with Flowfree™
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  Can-Do National Tape
Product Category Adhesive Tapes
Product Name Bemis 3412 Sewfree Adhesive Film Tape
Type Adhesive Tape; Industrial Tape; Film Tape
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