Campbell Scientific, Inc. Self-Calibrating Soil Heat Flux Plate HFP01SC-L


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Self-Calibrating Soil Heat Flux Plate HFP01SC-L
The HFP01SC measures heat flux, typically as a component within energy balance or Bowen ratio flux systems. The HFP01SC is manufactured for Campbell Scientific by Hukseflux (Delft, The Netherlands). The sensor outputs a voltage signal that is proportional to the heat flux of the surrounding medium. At least two sensors are required for each site to provide spatial averaging. Sites with nonhomogeneous media may require additional sensors.
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Technical Specifications

  Campbell Scientific, Inc.
Product Category Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors
Product Number HFP01SC-L
Product Name Self-Calibrating Soil Heat Flux Plate
Operating Temperature -22 to 158 F (-30 to 70 C)
Category Sensor/Transducer
Technology Thermal Pyrometer / Detector (Thermocouple / Thermopile)
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