Busch Vacuum Solutions Mink Claw Compressors Mink MI 1502 BP

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Mink Claw Compressors - Mink MI 1502 BP - Busch Vacuum Solutions
Virginia Beach, VA, United States
Mink Claw Compressors Mink MI 1502 BP
Flexible: application-oriented Reliable: operationally reliable Nearly Maintenance-Free: dry and contact-free compression Mink claw compressors were developed specifically for the reliable compression of air and other gases. Modern Mink claw technology guarantees an efficient and constant pressure supply for numerous industrial applications of up to 23.21 PSIG. The contact-free operating principle of claw technology provides the additional benefit of nearly maintenance-free operation: None of the internal moving parts of the compressor come in contact with each other, so components are not subject to wear. Servicing tasks such as inspection of worn parts are eliminated completely. The proven, completely dry-running claw technology of Mink claw compressor allows them to run without operating fluids in the compression chamber. The pumped medium is not contaminated, and may be used later without filtration or cleaning. In addition, no costs arise for the purchase, replacement and disposal of operating fluids. Mink claw vacuum compressors are air cooled, so no effort for the installation and maintenance of a cooling system is required. Their contact-free operating principle allows them to run extremely efficiently, and the volume flow remains consistently high throughout the entire life cycle. The outstanding reliability and long service lifetime of Mink claw compressors are also a result of the contact-free and dry compression. An intelligent sound insulation design allows Mink claw compressors to operate at low noise levels.
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Technical Specifications

  Busch Vacuum Solutions
Product Category Gas Compressors and Gas Compressor Systems
Product Number Mink MI 1502 BP
Product Name Mink Claw Compressors
Gases Handled Air; Dry, non-aggressive, non-toxic and non-explosive gases
Mounting Portable
Inlet Temperature 104 F (40 C)
Discharge / Operating Pressure 23.21 psi (16.33 m H2O)
Horse Power 40 HP
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