Busch Vacuum Solutions Water-cooled Dry Screw Vacuum Pump with Flying Bearing System COBRA BC 0100 / 0200 F

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Water-cooled Dry Screw Vacuum Pump with Flying Bearing System - COBRA BC 0100 / 0200 F - Busch Vacuum Solutions
Virginia Beach, VA, United States
Water-cooled Dry Screw Vacuum Pump with Flying Bearing System COBRA BC 0100 / 0200 F
Advanced Screw Design: bell shaped construction, patented self-balancing screws Efficient: low operating costs, energy-efficient, minimal maintenance, high uptime Reliable: operationally reliable Flexible: application-oriented Quiet: sound level < 60 dB(A) Compact Design The COBRA BC 0100/0200 F are dry screw vacuum pumps in the proven COBRA BC series. State-of-the-art screw vacuum pump technology featuring a specially developed screw profile sets new standards of efficiency, making these vacuum pumps the ideal solution for tasks in load lock and transfer chambers, as well as in processes such as metrology, lithography, physical vapor deposition (PVD) and rapid thermal annealing (RTA). Due to the sophisticated bell shaped cantilever construction, the twin rotor with variable pitch screws is mounted only on the motor side, while the unique “flying bearing” design makes inlet bearings unnecessary. As a result, the pumped medium does not come in contact with the bearings. This ensures clean vacuum generation and allows the full recovery of pumped gases. The direct gas path between inlet and outlet prevents dead spaces and ensures there are no process deposits inside the compression chamber. The patented self-balancing screw design and screw rotor mounted precisely at the center of gravity ensure excellent running qualities and guarantee high uptime. A directly mounted canned motor makes the dimensions of the COBRA BC series very compact. Equipped with high-efficiency motors and idle mode capabilities, the COBRA BC 0100/0200 F offer excellent energy efficiency. With low maintenance requirements, low operating costs, a very high uptime and a long life cycle, the total cost of ownership is very low. Retrofitting these screw vacuum pumps to existing systems can be performed quickly and easily due to a fit-in-place design. The fully open communication protocol (Modbus TCP-IP) allows control of all functionalities, including idle modes and variable speed drive. It can easily be adapted to a specific network protocol using standard interface components.
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Technical Specifications

  Busch Vacuum Solutions
Product Category Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators
Product Number COBRA BC 0100 / 0200 F
Product Name Water-cooled Dry Screw Vacuum Pump with Flying Bearing System
Mounting Floor or Skid-Mounted
Vacuum Pump Type Mechanical
Operating Temperature 32 to 104 F (0 to 40 C)
Configuration Individual Vacuum Pump
Ultimate Vacuum 0.0075 torr (29.9 in Hg vac)
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