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Coolant Purge Valve SMED Friendly
SWAP Valve significantly reduces injection mold change time by clearing all cooling water lines quickly and cleanly with a single valve handle motion. Installed before the supply manifold, cooling water is displaced by shop air, eliminating the need to drain each cooling water line individually. SWAP Valve is a simple, manually selectable device that supplies cooling water to the mold during processing or air to purge the water from the mold, cooling lines, Supply and Return manifolds before tool change. Three materials are available: Reinforced Molded Body with Stainless Steel Disc (1-inch) Original Brass Body with Stainless Steel Disc (1 and 2-inch) Anodized Aluminum Body and Disc (1 and 2-inch) The 3-position shear valve is a proven design. The valve selector handle has three positions: WATER, PURGE and VENT. A check valve should be installed in the return line downstream from the Return manifold to prevent backflow to the mold. Check valves may be purchased separately. Tubing may be connected to the manual vent-drain port so any residual water after the purge cycle can be drained into a suitable container or floor drain. An optional spring-loaded, locking mechanism on the valve selector assembly is available for molders who require additional protection from accidental valve movement. Application: The SWAP Valve is well-suited for cooling water Supply lines up to 2-inch NPT on frequently changed tools that are hung on small to medium tonnage injection molding machines. It is permissible to adapt 3/4, 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 inch line sizes providing adequate cooling water flow can be achieved. Typical mounting is on the press frame or the safety door frame. Mounting on any suitable surface, such as a platen, mold or manifold stand is acceptable. Closed Loop Water Systems An air separator, installed per the diagram on right, will remove air from the water before it reaches the temperature control unit. If temperature control units are not used, an air separator may be installed at the highest point in the return cooling water loop to remove air from the system. Molder Benefits Versatility: Provides choice of materials for economy and corrosion resistance. Timesaving: Saves 15-20 minutes of unproductive tool change time by eliminating the tasks of draining multiple Supply and Return hoses plus cleaning-up water spills. Tool Condition: Protects tools from corrosion build-up during downtime and storage by evacuating water. Supply Line ID: Permits fast identification of Supply lines by noting which manifold is connected to the Mold SWAP Valve. Water Shut-Off: SWAP Valve shuts-off Supply water conveniently near the machine control, rather than with conventional ball valves on the water drops/risers or Supply manifold, typically located at the opposite side of the press. Full Port Design: Permits maximum cooling water flow at minimum pressure drop. Safety-Housekeeping: Eliminates root cause of accidents around the press by keeping personnel and floors dry. Optional Positive Lock: Eliminates accidental movement of valve selector handle.
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Mold Ejector Plate Tie-In System SMED Friendly
FasTie Quick Ejector Tie-In System quickly "ties-in" the mold ejector plate to the press ejection system in an injection molding press, dramatically reducing mold change time. The greatest time savings are realized in presses where space is limited and the ejector system is difficult to tie in using solid knock-out bars.. In a typical installation, the FasTie coupler is installed into the press ejector plate. The quick-connect locking mechanism in the coupler snaps mechanically onto the mold-mounted stud during mold installation. To release the ejectors, apply shop air to the coupler. The coupler opens to release the stud, disconnecting the press and tooling ejector plates. The coupler remains in the open position, ready for a new mold to be set. For multiple ejector locations, an air manifold is recommended to release all couplers simultaneously. Four FasTie sizes are available: 1-inch, 1-3/8 inch, 2-inch, & 3-inch models suitable for most presses and knockout configurations. Additional installation examples and accessories lists are located in the catalog. Download the .pdf file below. SPEEDBAR® - Adjustable Knock-Out Bar (SPEEDBAR® shown with FASTIE® Coupler attached) SpeedBar is an adjustable length knock-out bar that can quickly compensate for variations in different molds. Used with the FasTie system, mold ejector plate tie-in and adjustment times are reduced to seconds. The adjustment sleeve is easily rotated to change the bar length up to 1-inch in increments of .006". Once the desired length is set, the spring-loaded sleeve securely locks in your adjustment. Fixed length knock-out bars are blank on one end for on-site finishing. Longer bars are available. Fastie Patent No. 6,379,072 SpeedBar Patent No. 6,315,544 Features and Benefits Faster Mold Changes Various Thread Sizes Available Flexible Modular Installation No Mold Modifications Required Reduced Wear, parts stay connected during molding cycles Hardened Steel Materials
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