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Worcester, MA, USA
80 Watt, 19 Volt DDM Bulb W-DDM
Eiko brand MR16 halogen special purpose lamp. 80 Watts for more power and light. 19 volts for specialty systems. Halogen lights provide brighter, whiter light than incandescents, while maintaining outstanding color rendering Dichroic reflector reflects visible light out the front while letting heat escape out the back, resulting in a cool beam of light NOTE - this is not a general purpose lamp. Light output is greater and color is brighter than equivalent halogen lamps, but rated life is only 50 hours. Generally used in slide projector applications. NO LENS - enclosed fixture recommended
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Product Category Projection Lamps
Product Number W-DDM
Product Name 80 Watt, 19 Volt DDM Bulb
Filament Type CC-6
Lamp Power 80 watts
Color Temperature 3350 K
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