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Worcester, MA, USA
150 Watt, 24 Volt FCS Bulb 206078
Philips brand 150 Watt halogen capsules. T4 type, 24 volts for low voltage systems. Low voltage means a smaller filament, for greater optical control. Halogen lights provide brighter, whiter light than incandescents, while maintaining outstanding color rendering DOUBLE CHECK the distance separating the two pins on your existing lamp. They come in different sizes and if the pins do not match up correctly, the capsule will not fit properly. NOTE - this is not a general purpose lamp. Light output is greater and color is brighter than equivalent halogen lamps, but rated life is only 50 hours. Generally used in photgraphic projection applications.
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Product Category Projection Lamps
Product Number 206078
Product Name 150 Watt, 24 Volt FCS Bulb
Filament Type C-6
Lamp Power 150 watts
Color Temperature 3400 K
Rated Average Life 50 hours
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