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Battery Monitoring System - S5 - BTECH, Inc.
Rockaway, NJ, USA
Battery Monitoring System S5
The S5 Battery Monitoring System is BTECH's premiere battery monitoring solution for data center UPS and large scale critical backup power systems. BTECH's flagship product is designed for a wide variety of battery monitoring applications, the s5 can collect data from any battery type, including cells with high amp hour ratings (4000+). KEY FEATURES Monitors battery parameters in real time Programmed cell impedance measurement up to 24/day Programmable test & out-of-limits alarms Battery discharge data logging Supports up to 8 strings per system Handles up to a total of 480 individual cells Individual string current monitoring for multi-string systems Complete electrical isolation from the battery string Total Voltage – 0-600 VDC (Optionally Up To 1200 VDC as a Delta Configuration) Total Number of Strings – 1-8 Strings Unit Voltage – 1-16 VDC Unit Impedance – 100µω to 20mω Temperature (Unit & Ambient) – -32°F to 160°F Discharge Events – Date & Time stamp System voltage Load current Power removed Discharge Logging – Programmable Connection Capacity – Total # of connection points: 520 Total # of parallel strings: 8 Measurement Accuracy & Repeatability – System Voltage: +/- 0.1% Full Scale Unit Voltage: +/- 0.1% of Reading Unilt Impedance: +/- 0.1 mω Temperature: +/- 1.0 degrees F Power Requirements – 110-225 VAC 50/60 Hz (UPS Protected Power) or 24-48 VDC Enclosure – SCM-600 Controller: NEMA 1 Metal Rack/Wall Mount/Shelf Mount VM24i Module: Voltage/temperature/ Current Flame Retardant Poly LED Indicators – Green = No Alarms Yellow = Maintenance Alarms Red = Critical Alarms Red Equipment = Module Not Communicating Alternating Green = Perfoming Measurement Software – BVM 4.x for Windows BVM Observer 4.x OS: Windows Vista or above CE Mark – Approved
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Technical Specifications

  BTECH, Inc.
Product Category Battery Monitors and Testers
Product Number S5
Product Name Battery Monitoring System
Form Factor CabinetRack
Operating Temperature -35.56 to 71.11 C (-32 to 160 F)
Voltage 0.0 to 600 volts
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