BRIM Electronics, Inc. Convoluted Tubing, FEP BCF

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Convoluted Tubing, FEP - BCF - BRIM Electronics, Inc.
Lodi, NJ, United States
Convoluted Tubing, FEP BCF
BRIM MIL SPEC. extra flexible, helically convoluted tubings of TFE, FEP or TEFZEL insulation provides all of the superior electrical and chemical capabilities of extruded smooth bore tubings, with greater flexibility. Helical convolutions allow a smaller bend radii than straight tubing. Protect wires & cables, gases & fluids, from harsh, impure or abrasive outside conditions with greater flexibility. All convoluted tubings are manufactured from virgin resins per MIL-T-81914. They are non-flammable (they won't support flame), highly crush, moisture & fungus resistant (they won't support growth), chemically inert to most corrosives and solvents, lightweight yet strong, having excellent dielectric properties. TEFZEL is especially suitable for high radiation environments. FEP & TFE are suitable for electrical/electroni c, aerospace, robotics, marine and many biomedical applications, such as ultrasonic cleaning & water baths, DI water heaters or hot acid etching systems, and filling equipment. STD.COLOR: Natural (Translucent). Colors are available to order. OPER. TEMP.: TFE*: -90°C/+260°C FEP*: -67°C/+200°C TEFZEL: -100°C/+150°C
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Technical Specifications

  BRIM Electronics, Inc.
Product Category Tubing
Product Number BCF
Product Name Convoluted Tubing, FEP
Design Units English
Minimum Bend Radius 1.75 inch (44 mm)
Type Plastic; Electrical
Shape Round
Conformed Standards RoHS Compliant
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