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Pleasanton, CA, United States
Thermal Interface Material
Thermal Interface Materials - Gap Fillers and Pads, Films, Tapes, Hardware Electronic devices continue to become faster, smaller, and more powerful every day, enabling technological advancements across all industries. The Internet of Things, powered by embedded electronics and its complex infrastructure, has become a way of life. However, one of the main barriers to design and development of more compact, higher performing devices is thermal management. The heat produced by these devices is currently the key limiting factor as to how small and how powerful we can make electronic products. Thermal Management Solutions Boyd Corporation, through our Aavid Thermal Division, is the oldest and largest design engineering and manufacturing organization focused on thermal management solutions in the world, offering the widest array of cooling products and services in the industry. Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation provides solutions and services across all industries, utilizing both traditional cooling solutions and breakthrough technologies ranging from standard heat sinks to fully custom two phase or liquid systems. Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation maintains manufacturing and design engineering facilities around the world with over 300 engineers working to improve the performance and quality of our thermal solutions. Aavid Design Engineers work closely with customers to provide a seamless design cycle from concept to prototype to production utilizing our broad range of technologies and capabilities to ensure innovative, fully optimized thermal solutions and systems. Cooling Technologies Boyd global manufacturing facilities host the world’s widest range of fabrication techniques and manufacturing processes for thermal solutions enabling our engineers to choose the best technologies and construction methods for smaller, more powerful products. Facilities include sites dedicated to specific technologies, such as heat pipes, and markets, such as Aerospace and Medical. These dedicated teams drive continuous innovation of advanced cooling technologies while ensuring that these facilities meet all necessary industry standards and drive down costs.
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Product Category Industrial Sealants
Product Name Thermal Interface Material
Type / Form Sheet or Film
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