Boyd Action Fabricators, a Division of Boyd Corporation

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Action Fabricators, a Division of Boyd Corporation -  - Boyd
Pleasanton, CA, United States
Action Fabricators, a Division of Boyd Corporation
Providing Solutions To Complex Problems Boyd Corporation's fully integrated, in-house precision converting capabilities are available across multiple facilities with expertise to provide competitive solutions to virtually any industry. Precision converting sales teams and engineers partner closely with your design team to solve complex manufacturing and assembly problems that reduce your overall costs. As a precision converter, Boyd solves complicated design and performance challenges through deep material selection expertise, innovative manufacturing technologies and easy-to-integrate production parts with tight tolerances. As a foundation for success, we help you determine the most optimal materials to exceed performance requirements or meet cost targets for your application. We design complex laminations that combine the critical performance characteristics of multiple materials. By defining key performance characteristics and carefully selecting best-match raw material solutions, we help maximize your device's long-term and reliable performance. Precision Die-Cutting Boyd is well prepared to support the needs of low, mid and high volume applications with core competencies in a wide variety of traditional and innovative die cutting technologies. Conventional die cutting capabilities include manual flatbed die cut, automated flatbed die-cut and high speed flatbed die-cut, laser prototyping, laminating, water jet prototyping, slitting, splitting, precision knife plotter cutting, multi-axis routering, surface treatments and subassembly work. Boyd is a die cutter well prepared with a wide variety of time-honored fabrication techniques to accommodate critical requirements spanning various dimensions, configurations, durometers, cleanliness and complex material combination needs. Boyd has the ability to join and bond plastics and specific parts by ultrasonic welding or RF welding, depending on the source material. Efficient Rotary Die-Cutter Our advanced rotary die cut converting core competencies have become a form of industrial artwork with ultra-tight tolerances (zero-gap tolerances), superb cleanroom manufacturing environments and innovative raw material combinations that are critical to the high design and manufacturing demands of advanced electronics. We actively look for ways to push product integration possibilities by combining multiple unique and individual products into one, simple deliverable with registration and part presentation optimized for customer automated assembly systems. Smart Cost Savings A part of helping you develop the most cost effective material solutions includes helping maximize material utilization. We are experts in utilizing smart industrial manufacturing design to optimize yields, enhance material utilization and help you save on raw material costs. Our Precision Converting Parts Boyd's expertise as a precision converter and die cut fabricator delivers to you reliable and consistent production parts spanning environmental and gaskets and seals, bonding systems, EMI/RFI shielding and absorbers, electrical insulation, electrical conduction, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, thermal conduction, cushioning, shock absorption, vibration damping, lens protection, graphic overlays, labels, electromechanical subassemblies.
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Product Category Die Cutting Services
Product Name Action Fabricators, a Division of Boyd Corporation
Company Information Boyd Corporation has over 90 years of customer-focused performance success and is a global leader in advanced sealing, thermal management and protection solutions. From humble beginnings as an industrial fabricator in the Bay Area of California in 1928, Boyd has evolved into a dynamic global innovator. As our customers redefine their markets and technology - unique solutions from Boyd empower them to be possible.
Die Cutting Method Rotary Die; Steel Rule
Certification / Quality Requirements ISO 9001:2000
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