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Portable Concrete Median Barrier Clamp Median Clamp
Whether you are working on bridges, overpasses or roadways and are using portable concrete median barriers for protection, get into construction fall protection compliance with our new Median Clamp. The Median Clamp compresses against the concrete median barrier and supports a cable to reach the 42” height as mandated by OSHA. A perfect system for bridge fall protection. The start and end point of one run of the cable system has a maximum distance of 150 feet. An Angle Bracket takes up the tension of the cable utilizing a turnbuckle. Two anchor bolts are required for each Angle Bracket to support the system and get it into compliance. You can continue with another run by hooking into the Angle Bracket at the end of a run. The length of a total run is limitless. The clamps can be spaced up to 30 feet apart. The Median Clamp System is fast and easy to install.
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  BlueWater Manufacturing, Inc.
Product Category Guardrails and Railings
Product Number Median Clamp
Product Name Portable Concrete Median Barrier Clamp
Type Warning Line; Portable
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