Biamp Systems, Ltd. Ceiling Mount Loudspeaker DX-IC4LP

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Ceiling Mount Loudspeaker - DX-IC4LP - Biamp Systems, Ltd.
Beaverton, OR, United States
Ceiling Mount Loudspeaker DX-IC4LP
Only 3.4" (86 mm) in depth, the DX-IC4LP solves space problems that competing products cannot. Suitable for paging, background music, or to augment larger systems, the DX-IC4LP is a versatile performer. It installs quickly and provides exceptionally uniform coverage with excellent sonic properties. Uniform voicing among the Desono DX product family makes for an easy match to the other models in the series, while a host of design innovations set the DX family of loudspeakers apart from other products in its size and price range. Featuring genuine coaxial design with separate magnets for the LF and HF drivers, the DX-IC4LP exhibits reduced distortion and industry-leading sensitivity permitting 3dB to 6dB greater output level, while requiring half the amplification power of competing products.
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Technical Specifications

  Biamp Systems, Ltd.
Product Category Speakers
Product Number DX-IC4LP
Product Name Ceiling Mount Loudspeaker
Application Loudspeaker; MusicAudio; Paging
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