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Linear - Series 8000 - Betatronix LLC
Hauppauge, NY, USA
Linear Series 8000
Resistance Range: 0.20% to 5.0% During our early years, Betatronix primarily manufactured precision rotary potentiometers. It wasn't until Texas Instruments offered us the opportunity to work on the fin position actuator of the HARMS and Paveway missiles that we entered the linear motion potentiometer business. Texas Instruments' engineering group worked with us for many years developing the linear motion potentiometer that was a critical component of these missiles. The result: two of the most reliable weapon systems of the modern era. As of today, Betatronix has supplied over 150,000 of these potentiometers. As a result of the technology developed for these programs, Betatronix expanded its presence in the linear motion market. While we maintained our interest in the missile actuator business, we expanded our applications in the areas of animation, robotics, aircraft, industrial equipment and controls, and outer space. Today our linear motion potentiometers are available with wirewound, molded conductive plastic and film resistance elements; in diameters of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4"; with stroke lengths from 1/16" to 6 feet; and in a wide range of rectangular cross sections. Special mechanical configurations can be designed to meet specific "packaging" needs.

Technical Specifications

  Betatronix LLC
Product Category Power Resistors
Product Number Series 8000
Product Name Linear
Operating Temperature -65 to 125 C (-85 to 257 F)
Category / Application Automotive; Aerospace; Current Sensing; Braking  Resistor; Fusible Resistor; General Use; Harmonic Filters; High Current Resistor (optional feature); High Frequency; High Voltage Resistor (optional feature); Industrial; Medical; Precision Resistor; Power Applications (optional feature); Railways Resistor (optional feature); Telecom (optional feature); Surge Resistor (optional feature)
Technology / Construction Wirewound
Mounting / Packaging Surface Mount Technology (SMT / SMD) (optional feature); Bolt-on Chassis (optional feature)
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