Betatronix LLC Rotary - Servo Mount Series 2000


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Rotary - Servo Mount - Series 2000 - Betatronix LLC
Hauppauge, NY, USA
Rotary - Servo Mount Series 2000
Resistance Range: 0.20% to 1.0% Motor Potentiometer Assemblies have become extremely popular with system designers. In most applications, the potentiometer's performance is more critical than the motor's - yet the assembly of the module is generally performed by the motor manufacturer, who has limited knowledge of the assembly techniques used in potentiometers. Betatronix has made both system designers and motor manufacturers aware of the inadequacies of this approach. Today, Betatronix can supply the complete motor-pot assembly or mount the potentiometer to the motor at our facility. Motor-pot assemblies are available with A.C. motors, low-inertia D.C. motors, brushless D.C. motors, spring returns, and either single- or multi-turn potentiometers.

Technical Specifications

  Betatronix LLC
Product Category Power Resistors
Product Number Series 2000
Product Name Rotary - Servo Mount
Operating Temperature -65 to 125 C (-85 to 257 F)
Category / Application Automotive; Aerospace; Current Sensing; Braking  Resistor; Fusible Resistor; General Use; Harmonic Filters; High Current Resistor (optional feature); High Frequency; High Voltage Resistor (optional feature); Industrial; Medical; Precision Resistor; Power Applications (optional feature); Railways Resistor (optional feature); Telecom (optional feature); Surge Resistor (optional feature)
Technology / Construction Coiled Wire Resistor; Wirewound
Mounting / Packaging Surface Mount Technology (SMT / SMD) (optional feature); Bolt-on Chassis (optional feature)
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