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Chemical Reactor Systems -  - Bepex International LLC
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Chemical Reactor Systems
Bepex has designed chemical reactor systems and equipment for a range of reacting applications: Continuous vacuum dryer for pasteurization of grain products Thin-film paddle dryer and reactor for continuous solvent decontamination and SSP of polymers Paddle dryer for reacting for pre-coated chemical components Batch ribbon blender for reacting and temperature control of chemicals Using a small amount of hot gas, such as air or nitrogen, our chemical reactors and purge vessels provide additional conditioning of the material to meet your specifications. Because we incorporate our indirect thermal process equipment ahead of the vessel to bring the material to temperature this step requires less energy to process your material, and a gas recirculation system provides additional utility savings. Using our Mechanical Discharge at the bottom of the reactor vessel ensures strict plug flow to control quality and maintain uniform material flow throughout the process. The reaction of chemicals can be a difficult and dangerous process. As an experienced chemical reactor manufacturer, you can count on us to provide a customized process system that is right for your individual process.
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