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Bellows Accumulators
Metal bellows accumulators are used in a variety of industries to store the energy of a liquid or gas. Edge welded bellows technology is an ideal fit for this application, due to its media compatibility and stroke length capability. Edge welded bellows can also be manufactured in a variety of materials to match the application’s media compatibility requirements. With the right material, metal bellows can operate from cryogenic temperatures to 1500°F. Hydraulically formed, or hydroformed, bellows can typically travel about twenty percent of their free length. Edge welded metal bellows have the ability to travel ninety percent; thus, edge welded bellows can accomplish the same movement in smaller sizes and lighter weight assemblies. Bellows accumulators can have pressure internal or external to the bellows assembly. Understanding the differential pressure between the inside and outside of the assembly also helps engineers to determine the proper size and length of the bellows accumulator.
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  BellowsTech, an MW Industries company
Product Category Hydraulic Accumulators
Product Name Bellows Accumulators
Technology Type Bellows
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