Beijing Tianxing Ceramic Fiber Composite Materials Corp. High Temperature Filtration Mesh


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High Temperature Filtration Mesh
The metal melt filtration products with certain hardness are made of glass fiber gridding cloth and high silicon oxygen gridding cloth as the base material and coated with high temperature resistant coating. ※Customized according to customers' requirements. ■Characteristics ○Excellent strength, resilience and impact resistance. ○Excellent filtration effect. ○Reduce bubbles and turbulence in molten metal. ○Improve casting quality and rate of yield. ○Easy to be used and low cost. ■Applications ○Use to filter molten metal. Standard Spec
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Technical Specifications

  Beijing Tianxing Ceramic Fiber Composite Materials Corp.
Product Category Coated Fabrics
Product Name High Temperature Filtration Mesh
Use Temperature 1652 to 2948 F (900 to 1620 C)
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