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Ceramic fiber bulk
Using Al2O3 and SiO2 as the main material,through the processes of resistance melting ,blowing or spinning, to make it high quality refractory material. The blowing bulk has short fiber,can be used to make vacuum products,board,paper ,etc.The jilting bulk has long fiber and can be used to make a variety of high performance refractory textile. ■Characteristics ○Excellent qualities of high temperature resistance and thermal insulation,low thermal conductivity. ○Excellent thermal stability and chemical stability. ○Light weight and soft. ○High quality of filling,easy to be processed. ■Applications ○Filling material used in industrial furnace. ○Produce refractory castable, fire clay. ○Produce fireproof coating, fireproof paint. ○Manufacture textiles,special shaped parts,blanket,board, paper and many other high temperature resistance products. Parameter
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  Beijing Tianxing Ceramic Fiber Composite Materials Corp.
Product Category Specialty Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles
Product Name Ceramic fiber bulk
Width / OD 0.16 to 0.28 inch (4 to 7 mm)
Type Fiber / Filament
Use Temperature 2300 to 2606 F (1260 to 1430 C)
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