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Ceramic Fiber Blanket
It is made of ceramic fiber bulk by needle, heating processes then make into the high temperature blanket shaped products. Can be produced aluminum foil coated ceramic fiber blanket according to customer requirements. ■Characteristics ○Excellent equality against thermal shock. ○High qualities of heat resistance and thermal insulation, low thermal conductivity. ○Remarkable thermal stability and chemical stability. ○Good sound absorption and insulation. ○Light weight,resilient and easy to be processed. ■Applications ○Thermal insulation and protection in all kinds of industrial furnaces and heating equipment. ○Thermal insulation and protection in heat supply equipment and power plant. ○High temperature gas filtration. Specification Range Standard Spec
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Technical Specifications

  Beijing Tianxing Ceramic Fiber Composite Materials Corp.
Product Category Specialty Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles
Product Name Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Thickness 0.2362 to 1.9685 inch (6 to 50 mm)
Type Fiber / Filament; Blanket or Batt
Use Temperature 2300 to 2606 F (1260 to 1430 C)
Applications Architectural or Construction; Filtration; OEM
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