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Bio-soluble fiber yarn
Blend a small amount of organic fiber into bio-soluble fiberbulk,using fiberglass filament as the core.we can add stainless steel wire or FeCrAl wire as the reinforced material. The yarn which added with metal wire can still have super tensile strength in high temperature atmosphere.The yarn can be used to weave cloth,tape,sleeve,ro pe and many other high performance refractory textile. It can be resloved in biological body,contains no carcinogens and harmless to hunman body. ■Characteristics ○Low biological persistence,it does not. ○Excellent abilities of heat resistance and thermal insulation. ○Strong tensile strength. ○Easy to be processed. ■Applications ○Used in the production of ceramic fiber cloth,tape, rope,sleeve and many other refractory textiles. Specification range Conventional specifications
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  Beijing Tianxing Ceramic Fiber Composite Materials Corp.
Product Category Fibers and Filaments
Product Name Bio-soluble fiber yarn
Use Temperature 2012 to 2372 F (1100 to 1300 C)
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