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Wichita, KS, USA
Beechcraft Aircraft King Air® C90GTx
The King AirĀ® C90GTx is a whole new world of flying that offers the impressive King Air qualities of performance combined with comfort. This versatile workhorse has great range and payload due to its features like composite winglets, swept-blade propellers and dual aft strakes. The King Air C90GTx is sure to become your new favorite aircraft. Through continuous refinement, the already innovative King Air flight deck is now completely state-of-the-art. The King Air C90GTx features Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics. This system offers simplified single-pilot operation to reduce pilot fatigue and reduce operating economics. Pro Line 21 comes standard with full IFR certification, and the aircraft is fully certified for flight into known icing. Clearly Defined Weather The four color, six range Rockwell Collins TWR-850 Weather Radar clearly identifies the intensity and level of targets, and turbulence detection to help avoid severe weather. This system is designed to interface with the Primary Flight Display (PFD), Multi-Function Flight Display (MFD) and the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS). Threat Awareness The Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) provides aural and visual traffic advisories to alert the pilot, allowing sufficient time to make visual contact with the threat aircraft and take appropriate action to ensure maximum awareness. Standard Features Standard Features Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) Engine Indicating System (EIS) Air Data System (ADS) Dual Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) Automatic Flight Guidance System (AFGS) Flight Management System (FMS) Weather Radar System (WXR) Dual Navigation and Communication Radios Specifications Dimensions Length 35 ft 6 in (10.82 m) Height 14 ft 3 in (4.34 m) Wingspan 53 ft 8 in (16.36 m) Wing Area 295 sq ft (27.41 sq m) Wheelbase 12 ft 3 in (3.73 m) Tread 12 ft 3 in (3.73 m) Cabin Interior Height 57 in (1.45 m) Width 54 in (1.37 m) Length 12 ft 7 in (3.84 m) Maximum Passengers 8 Baggage Capacity Weight 350 lb (158.8 kg) Volume 48 cu ft (1.37 cu m) Single Pilot Certified Yes Weights Maximum Ramp Weight 10,560 lb (4,790 kg) Maximum Takeoff Weight 10,485 lb (4,756 kg) Maximum Landing Weight 9,832 lb (4,460 kg) Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 9,378 lb (4,254 kg) Usable Fuel Capacity Weight 2,573 lb (1,167 kg) Volume 384 gal (1,454 l) Basic Operating Weight 7,270 lb (3,298 kg) Useful Load 3,290 lb (1,492 kg) Maximum Payload 2,108 lb (956 kg) Full Fuel Payload 717 lb (325 kg) Performance Maximum Cruise Speed 272 ktas (504 km/h) Maximum Range 1,260 nm (2,334 km) Takeoff Distance 1,984 ft (605 m) Landing Distance 2,100 ft (640 m) Maximum Operating Altitude 30,000 ft (9,144 m) Maximum Climb Rate 1,900 fpm (579 mpm) Maximum Limit Speed 226 kias (419 km/h) Powerplant Manufacturer P&WC Type PT6A-135A Power Rating 550 shp (410 kW)
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