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Secure Remote Controller with Flow Computing - OSA® Remote +Flow - Bedrock Automation
Mansfield, MA, United States
Secure Remote Controller with Flow Computing OSA® Remote +Flow
OSA Remote +Flow brings the full suite of Bedrock OSA Open Secure Automation cyber security to your Flow Computer remote applications. Each OSA Remote +Flow product is equipped with over 30 built-in cyber security technologies to intrinsically secure flow measurement and custody transfer applications. FEATURES Supports up to 32 Meter Runs of measurement (16 Gas Runs/16 Liquids Runs). Flow Calculations are included in the OSA Remote +Flow firmware. Free Bedrock Engineering Software (IDE) and Flow Library. Free Field Technician User Interface. Up to 1 gigabit secure SCADA Uplink for OPC UA and MQTT. Edge/Process interfaces & protocols included: AI/AO/DI/DO/Pulse, BSAP IP, EtherNet IP Scanner & Adapter, HART 7, ModBus TCP Master & Slave, ModBus RTU Master & Slave, MQTT Client with support for Sparkplug (contact your Bedrock representative), OPC UA Server, RS-232, RS-485 (2 & 4 wire) and RS-422. Dual serial connectors provide digital communication to the flowmeters. Per channel, soft-selectable 4-20 mA analog input/output. Per channel, soft-selectable 0-10 V dc analog input. Per channel, soft-selectable 0-30 V dc discrete input/output. Per channel, soft-selectable frequency or counter input for pulses up to 100 kHz. Integrated electronic fusing. Integrated analog and discrete readback. Per channel, soft-selectable overcurrent limiting, retry limit and period. Per channel, soft-selectable fail-safe mode. Advanced signal & module diagnostics. Channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground galvanic isolation. 25 ms I/O processing time. Gas and Liquid calculations performed every 1 second. Related applications can be as fast as every 250 ms. Sequence of Events enabled with time stamp accuracy to ± 0.5 ms. Soft-selectable contactor debounce time.
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Technical Specifications

  Bedrock Automation
Product Category Flow Computers, Totalizers, and Indicators
Product Number OSA® Remote +Flow
Product Name Secure Remote Controller with Flow Computing
Operating Temperature -40 to 176 F (-40 to 80 C)
Generic Inputs Pulse (Frequency) Inputs; Analog Current Inputs; Analog Voltage Inputs
Outputs Analog Voltage; Analog Current
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