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Microscope STEREO ZOOM 5
The STEREO ZOOM 5 is a Microscope from Bausch and Lomb. The microscope is a crucial tool in many industries. Professionals working in the fields of health care, biology, chemistry, technology, electronics, and environmental science use microscopes for many types of applications. Microscopes enable high-resolution viewing of an object magnified to many times its actual size. Additional Features: Head: Binocular head include 30 degrees Eyepieces: 10x WF - One focusing eyetube Zoom Range: 0.8x - 4x (8x-40x Magnification) Stand: Heavy Duty boom stand (NEW) - S-Stand with E-Arm Resolution: 200 lines per millimeter at 4X The Bausch and Lomb Stereo Zoom 5 can be used to advantage for nearly any visual task requiring 3-D observation at moderate magnifications. Frequently, the StereoZoom series offers the most economical approach to providing microscope magnification even when there is no requirement for 3-D observation. Six Power Pods form the nucleus of the StereoZoom series. Two of these are fixed power while four of them provide continuously variable magnification by means of operator controlled zoom systems. Eyepieces and Supplementary Lenses extend the magnification ranges of these Power Pods both upward and downward. All optical elements are sealed into the Power Pods so that all Pods may be interchangeably mounted on any one of the thirteen Stands and Arms offered as part of the StereoZoom Series. For viewing convenience, the Pods may be turned 180 degrees for conventional or reversed eyepiece orientation.
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  ValueTronics International, Inc.
Product Category Microscopes
Product Number STEREO ZOOM 5
Product Name Microscope
Application Biological / Life Sciences
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