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Rib Ace® (J, L, M) -  - Bando American, Inc.
Itasca, IL, USA
Rib Ace® (J, L, M)
BANDO's Rib Ace® is an ultra thin, extremely flexible belt with the ver- satility to handle heavy, high speed industrial applications like machine tools, as well as light duty, slower applications such as exercise equip- ment. Able to utilize very small sheaves, allowing for speed ratios up to 40 to 1. Smooth, vibration-free performance ideally suited for consumer goods applications like clothes dryers. Rib Ace® belts can be used in serpentine drive configurations with small backside idlers, making for compact design. Rib Ace® belts improve performance on 1/8 turn, 1/4 turn and mule drives.
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Technical Specifications

  Bando American, Inc.
Product Category Timing Belts (inch)
Product Name Rib Ace® (J, L, M)
ANSI Pitch 0.375" (L); J, M
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