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Sanford, ME, United States
A dramatically new concept in simple, inexpensive, and accessible fluorescence microscopy. The Etaluma LumaScope provides provides fluorescence and brightfield capability in a small, portable, and easy to use microscope. Small enough to fit into a cabinet or workstation, the Lumascope is available with select new and existing Baker and Baker Ruskinn equipment. LumaScope provides the three most important accessibility traits: It is significantly less expensive than other scopes, it is much easier to use, and its size and portability make it available anytime, anywhere. All without sacrificing the image quality you demand. Powerful - The Etaluma LumaScope is fluorescence and brightfield capable, providing high-quality images and fast frame-rates for easy routine inspection of cells in slides, plates, and flasks. Flexible - The LumaScope is portable and fits into Baker cabinets and Baker Ruskinn hypoxia workstations with ease. Simple - Easy to set up and virtually no training required. To operate, plug the USB into any PC and start working - no AC power required. Value - The LumaScope’s simple design dramatically reduces cost of ownership while maintaining publishing-quality images in brightfield, phase contrast, and multi-color fluorescence. Applications: Cell presence and distribution Cell confluence General cell health Fluorescent protein expression Label brightness More sophisticated uses are also easily achieved with the LumaScope: cell counting or hemocytometry and growth monitoring. Using the LumaScope, it is possible to monitor cells remotely through the web from within a tissue culture incubator, overnight, away from the lab. Features: Yields a magnification on familiar laptop displays of approximately 20× with a field of view of 1 mm square. Brightfield capability included USB interface, enabling easy integration with larger systems and remote monitoring Small enough to fit on a desk, lab bench, or in an incubator or tissue culture hood (approximately 190 × 125 × 115 mm). Application Highlights: Long-term incubator imaging and Time Lapse Cell doubling and movement measurements Stem Cell differentiation movies
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