Baker High Performance Fume Hoods Air Sentry

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High Performance Fume Hoods - Air Sentry - Baker
Sanford, ME, United States
High Performance Fume Hoods Air Sentry
The need to protect personnel from potentially harmful vapors and airborne particulate matter is a fact of life for every modern laboratory. Laboratory Fume hoods are ventilated workstations designed to contain hazardous fumes and exhaust them away from the researcher. Traditional fume hood designs have relied upon high airflow volumes and face velocities to create a “vacuum” effect within the hood chamber to purge the hazardous vapors. Controlling the airflow throughout an entire laboratory facility based upon the requirements of these fume hoods is costly, complicated and inconvenient – and Lab Crafters saw a better way. The Lab Crafters Air Sentry® rethinks the concept of fume containment by applying principles of fluid dynamics and advanced design features to control the airflow pattern within the hood, along with an integral safety control system built onto the fume hood to provide the safest research environment under the widest range of laboratory conditions. The Air Sentry’s efficient design and reduction in exhaust airflow volume typically reduces laboratory fume hood operating costs by half. Air Sentry is the most technologically advanced fume hood on the market and has been proven, time and again, to significantly outperform the competition in terms of both containment and guaranteed energy savings.
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Product Category Fume Hoods
Product Number Air Sentry
Product Name High Performance Fume Hoods
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