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Automated Guided Vehicle with Robotic Arm - JR2 - AUBO Robotics
Knoxville, TN, USA
Automated Guided Vehicle with Robotic Arm JR2
JR2 is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), or a new, smarter type of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) specially designed for the industrial mobile robotic manipulation applications in logistics and warehousing. AMRs reduce company labor rate associated with delivery logistics of materials, finished goods and or tending by connecting existing infrastructure to make processes lean and reliable using modern technology. The base platform is omnidirectional using 4 high power motor wheels and is able to carry payloads up to 100 Kg. JR2 incorporates two rangefinders for navigation and integrates two RGB-D sensors in the front and rear parts to detect obstacles at different heights for safety. The robot includes an optional self-recharging base station. The base is modular and can supply and interface additional application related hardware (internal connectivity: USB, RS232, GPIO and RJ45, external connectivity: USB, RJ45, power supplies 5, 12 VDC and battery). The control architecture is open-source and modular, based on ROS. JR2 arm is equipped with AUBO-i5, 6 axis high quality industrial collaborative robot that can handle payloads up to 5 Kg (completely extended) and 924 mm reach. The arm can mount almost any standard end effector, or servo-gripper. Applications Logistics, warehouses and other internal logistics applications Industrial mobile manipulation Pick & Transport & Place Advantages Integrated software Wide range of tutorials and examples in ROS software Competitive price High speed
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  AUBO Robotics
Product Category Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)
Product Number JR2
Product Name Automated Guided Vehicle with Robotic Arm
Load Transfer Automatic
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