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Taper & Flushness Gage
These all plastic "No-Mar" gages are designed to measure height variations and gaps. These gages are also available in various colors to designate the gages for a specific time period or year. These gages are furnished as "Reference Only" within +/- 10% tolerances and as "Serialized and Certified" within +/- 5% tolerances for ISO compliancy. "NO-MAR", non-mutilation or mutilation prevention tools prevent or reduce damage to bare or coated product surfaces during assembly or inspection. Mutilation prevention tools have the added benefit of reducing tool operator injuries such as finger severing, cuts or mutilations.
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Technical Specifications

  Assembly Tool Specialists, Inc.
Product Category Fixed Gages
Product Name Taper & Flushness Gage
Decimal Resolution 0.0197 to 0.0394 inch (0.5000 to 1 mm)
Measuring Range 0.0033 to 0.0427 ft (0.0100 to 0.1300 dm)
Measurement Scale / Units Metric
Materials of Construction Plastic
Fixed Gage Type Flushness Gage; Set of gages; Taper; Flushness
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