Armstrong International The Brain Series Mixing Valve DMC80BS


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The Brain Series Mixing Valve - DMC80BS - Armstrong International
Three Rivers, MI, USA
The Brain Series Mixing Valve DMC80BS
The Brain® DMC80-80 DMC80-80 is a fully Digital Mixing Center (DMC) designed specifically to be the primary water temperature controller in a continuously pumped circulating hot water system. Digital technology provides enhanced water temperature control accuracy which resists zero system demand “Temperature Creep” without the use of a manual throttling valve or a temperature activated pump shut-off device (aquastat). Operational Specifications +/-2°F water temperature control at points of use 25’ downstream during demand +/-2°F water temperature control at the DRV during zero system demand “idling” periods 2°F minimum valve inlet to outlet temperature requirement (system recirculation temperature loss) Automatic shutoff of hot water flow upon cold water inlet supply failure Automatic shutoff of hot water flow in the event of a power failure Programmable set point range of 81-158°F (27-70°C) Programmable thermal disinfection mode Programmable 1st level hi/lo temp alarm display Programmable temperature error level for safety shutdown
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Technical Specifications

  Armstrong International
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number DMC80BS
Product Name The Brain Series Mixing Valve
Primary Material Stainless Steel
Number of Ports 5
Valve Type Mixing
Media Water
Actuation Electric
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