Arjay Engineering Remote Level Detector 2852-LT

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Remote Level Detector - 2852-LT - Arjay Engineering
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Remote Level Detector 2852-LT
Reliable level monitoring of liquids and solids for measurement and control The unit continuously monitors the liquid or solids level in a tank, stand-pipe or containment. Outputs include analog, digital, and relay control for interface to alarms, valves, pumps and other process monitoring equipment. The 2852-LT sensing probe monitors the capacitance field around the probe. As the product rises in the tank or vessel the probe capacitance increases. This change is used to provide a 4-20 mA proportional output and two setpoint alarm relays. on can be set using any two points along the probe length. Features and Benefits No moving parts Remote electronics via standard twisted pair Explosion proof probe is standard Probe is available with Intrinsically Safe option for alternative HazLoc protection High corrosion resistant Teflon and stainless steel wetted parts Capacitance technology responds to all liquid and solids types HF capacitance technology does not require routine cleaning Easy calibration and control set-up Capacitance technology does not foul or require routine cleaning Remote monitor mounts away from the process for operator safety and ease of control wiring
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Technical Specifications

  Arjay Engineering
Product Category Level Sensors
Product Number 2852-LT
Product Name Remote Level Detector
Mounting Options Top mount
Device Classification Sensor Only; Sensor System
Output Options AnalogCurrent
User Interface Digital Front Panel
Communication Interface Options Digital Serial
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