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Design… At the heart of all HyperCyl Presses is a self-contained hydra-pneumatic cylinder system providing from 1-200 tons of output force using an ordinary plant air supply. Designed as an alternative power source to conventional hydraulic systems. HyperCyl is a clean, quiet and safe power source for all forms of assembly and forming applications. With over 25,000 press installations worldwide, HyperCyl systems provide the reliability, speed and precision expected from today’s production based assembly and forming equipment. Versatile… A unique feature of all HyperCyl presses is the ability to use the power stroke (high force) anywhere within the total stroke of the press. Advance the ram pneumatically, make contact with the part or tooling and auto sequence into the power stroke. This feature permits easier set-ups or part change-over, and the low force/high speed contact with the tooling reduces noise and vibration, extending tooling service life. A wide range of press options, such as LVLT (Low Voltage Linear Transducers), load cells, pressure transducers, stroke limiters, Touch Screen HMI Press controls and tooling-ready bolsters, provide a complete assembly cell for a wide variety of assembly and forming applications. Cost Effective… HyperCyl Press systems are sized for force output only vs. hydraulics requiring larger pumps, motors, reservoirs and special circuits for speed to close the tooling. HyperCyl Press systems consume no energy when not in use vs. electric motors, cooler fans and circulation pumps required for hydraulic based presses. HyperCyl Presses typically use a fraction of the total energy costs for equal force output associated with pure pneumatic or hydraulic systems. HyperCyl Press systems are virtually maintenance free, requiring no oil and filters to change and/or EPA requirements for the disposal of the used hydraulic oil.
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Technical Specifications

  Aries Engineering Co., Inc.
Product Category Presses (metalworking)
Product Number HyperPress
Product Name Press Machines
Stroke 0.5000 to 6 inch (12.7 to 152 mm)
Capacity 1 to 50 tons (0.9072 to 45.36 metric tons)
Ram / Stroke Speed 1080 in/min (457 mm/sec)
Technology Air or Pneumatic; Hydraulic; Hydra-Pnumatic Cylinder
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