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Electro-Mechanical Actuator Hypercyl-EMA
HyperCyl-ema (electromechanical actuator) is a robust, servo driven actuator designed for precision assembly applications or applications nto suited for standard HyperCyl or IntelliCly products Available on both roller screw and ball screw configurations in load ratings from 5kN to 230 kN(1-25 tons), HyperCyl-ema provides a new level of price/ performance in the automotive, aerospace, DOD, appliance, medical, electronics and transportation industries in a wide range of application. Capable of .0025mm (.0001") repeatability and up to 500 mm/sec ram speeds, HyperView-ema provides the performance and flexibility required in both current and future manufacturing environments and, its built in the USA. When mated with the optional HyperView-Press signature analysis controller, precise force/distance monitoring, trending, data logging, Cpk and data analysis capability improves finished product quality and substantially reduces manufacturing costs. HyperCyl-ema is available as an actuator only/actuator and drive/actuator, drive and HyperView-Press package. Complete turnkey press stations are also available.
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Technical Specifications

  Aries Engineering Co., Inc.
Product Category Linear Actuators
Product Number Hypercyl-EMA
Product Name Electro-Mechanical Actuator
Rated Speed 4 to 16.4 in/sec (6.1 to 24.99 m/min)
Lead 0.7874 to 0.3937 inches per (0.5000 to 1 s per cm)
Device Type Rod Type
Rated Force 2000 to 50000 lbs (907 to 22676 kg)
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