ARI Valve Corporation ARI-FABA® Plugs- 8 inch ARI FABA Plug 8

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ARI-FABA® Plugs- 8 inch - ARI FABA Plug 8 - ARI Valve Corporation
Marietta, GA, USA
ARI-FABA® Plugs- 8 inch ARI FABA Plug 8
Valves with balancing plugs have to be installed with medium flowing over the plug (3) as indicated by flow direction arrow on valve body. Working Principles: - When the valve is closed, anticlockwise rotation of the hand wheel lifts the pilot plug (3.1) off the larger balancing plug (3). This allows the medium to pass through the plug and equalizes the pressure of the medium under the plug (3). After the pressures have been equalized within the values stated in the table, the valve can be more
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Technical Specifications

  ARI Valve Corporation
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number ARI FABA Plug 8
Product Name ARI-FABA® Plugs- 8 inch
Valve Type Plug
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