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Beamsplitters -  - Argyle International, Inc.
Princeton, NJ, USA
We can meet exacting beamsplitter specifications-- Polarizing or non-polarizing Single layer coating Dielectric coating 50-50 to 95-5 Ultraviolet through Infrared Cubes and plates Custom styles Argyle International offers custom optical components in a broad array of materials. Glass, coating, and reflective options support the realization of exacting requirements. Substrates: Glasses Pyrex® Zerodur® Silicon Zinc selenide Sapphire Germanium Fused silica BaF2 CaF2 Coatings: Antireflective BBAR V-coat Polarizing Mirrors Filter coatings
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  Argyle International, Inc.
Product Category Plate Beamsplitters
Product Name Beamsplitters
Surface Flatness λ/8
Surface Quality 10-5 Scratch / Dig
Transmission 5 to 50 %
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