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SAW Filters - SF0070BA13048S - APITech
Fairview, PA, United States
SAW Filters SF0070BA13048S
API Technologies designs and manufactures high-rel SAW filters for today’s military and commercial markets. API provides standard solutions for narrowband, GPS band applications, standard IF and standard RF bands. API’s design library consists of filters from 20 MHz up to 2600 MHz with semi-standard and custom solutions available. Exceptional low group delay is one feature you will find with API’s SAW filters We utilize several materials and design techniques that provide a wide range of filter capabilities. Our design software includes SPUDT, Tapered SPUDT, DART SPUDT, Coupled Resonator Filter (CRF), Impedance Element Filter (IEF), Transverse Coupled Resonator Filter (TCRF), Reflective SPUDT, Resonators, Surface Transverse Wave (STW), non-dispersive delay lines and dispersive delay line models (among others). We also stock several piezoelectric materials for our filters, including quartz, lithium niobate and lithium tantalate, all with various cuts.
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Product Category IC Electronic Filters
Product Number SF0070BA13048S
Product Name SAW Filters
Filter Category SAW Filter
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