Quantachrome Instruments Through-Pore Size Analyzer Porometer 3G z


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Through-Pore Size Analyzer - Porometer 3G z - Quantachrome Instruments
Boynton Beach, FL, USA
Through-Pore Size Analyzer Porometer 3G z
The Porometer 3G z is a compact, automatic, broad size range capillary flow porometer, configurable to a wide range of flow rates, for measuring through-pore sizes using the liquid expulsion technique. The pressure capability of up to 250 psi (16 bar) allows for pore size distributions in the range of <0.04 to 500 ┬Ám to be measured quickly and reproducibly on a wide variety of materials like woven and non-woven filter materials, membranes, papers, sintered metals, etc. The availibility of different flow sensor modules (from 1L/min to 200 L/min) makes the 3G z the ideal customizable porometer, especially for samples of controlled geometric size and through-porosity since these parameters, not just pore size, significantly control absolute gas flow through the sample. The 3G z is also capable of gas (and optionally liquid) permeability measurements. It conforms to ASTM standard methods D6767, E128, F316, and similar.
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Product Category Property Testing Equipment
Product Number Porometer 3G z
Product Name Through-Pore Size Analyzer
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