Analytical Sensors & Instruments, Ltd. (ASI) Reference Electrodes F032 Series


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Reference Electrodes F032 Series
ASI reference electrodes feature reliable, stable, drift free performance in a variety of sample types. The silver/silver chloride references offer high stability and should be used for most sample types. The calomel reference is ideal for use in Tris buffers or in the presence of organics, sulfidesand samples which will complex silver. The double junction varieties offer high stability, eliminating Ag+/Hg+ interference, and can be used with any ion selective electrode. All models here are available with any of these options. Glass versions tolerate cleaning with solvents after measuring foods, lubricants or oily, greasy samples. Epoxy models are rugged and are used in most routine pH, ORP & ISE applications.

Technical Specifications

  Analytical Sensors & Instruments, Ltd. (ASI)
Product Category pH Electrodes
Product Number F032 Series
Product Name Reference Electrodes
Operating Temperature ? to 176 F (? to 80 C)
Body Material Epoxy or Polymer
Diameter/ Width 0.4724 inch (12 mm)
Length 5.91 inch (150 mm)
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