Analytical Sensors & Instruments, Ltd. (ASI) Plastic pH/ORP Electrodes 27 Series


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Plastic pH/ORP Electrodes 27 Series
ASI offers many models with plastic bodies. Our standard models are constructed of chemically resistant epoxy and polycarbonate for general applications. In addition to our standard models, you will findmodels that have replaceable junctions, multi-color designs that give the ability to have your unique electrode, and electrodes that can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning like our plastic pHastrode design. Each model that ASI carries can be modifiedto have single or double junction references, a wide variety of sensing elements for pH and ORP and made refillableif you have the need. Call us today if you need customization.

Technical Specifications

  Analytical Sensors & Instruments, Ltd. (ASI)
Product Category pH Electrodes
Product Number 27 Series
Product Name Plastic pH/ORP Electrodes
Operating Temperature ? to 176 F (? to 80 C)
Electrode Configuration SingleCell / No Reference
Body Material Epoxy or Polymer
Diameter/ Width 0.5906 inch (15 mm)
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