Analog Devices, Inc. Tunable Band Pass Filter ADMV8913SCCZ-EP-R2

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Tunable Band Pass Filter - ADMV8913SCCEPR2 - Richardson RFPD
Geneva, IL, United States
Tunable Band Pass Filter ADMV8913SCCEPR2
The ADMV8913-EP is a fully monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) that features a digitally selectable operating frequency. The device has an integrated high-pass filter (HPF) and an integrated low-pass filter (LPF) that allows a pass-band response within the 6.6 GHz to 11.9 GHz frequency range. The flexible architecture of the ADMV8913-EP allows for the 3 dB cutoff frequency (f3dB) of the high-pass and the low-pass filter to be controlled independently. The digital logic control on each filter is 4 bits wide (16 states) and controls the on-chip reactive elements to adjust the f3dB. The typical insertion loss is 5.3 dB, and the wideband rejection is 35 dB, which is ideally suitable for minimizing system harmonics. This tunable filter can be used as a smaller alternative to large switched filter banks and cavity tuned filters, and the ADMV8913-EP provides a dynamically adjustable solution in advanced communications applications.
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RF Filters - 505-ADMV8913SCCZ-EP-R2TR-ND - Digi-Key Electronics
Thief River Falls, MN, USA
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Technical Specifications

  Richardson RFPD Digi-Key Electronics
Product Category RF Filters and Microwave Filters RF Filters and Microwave Filters
Product Number ADMV8913SCCEPR2 505-ADMV8913SCCZ-EP-R2TR-ND
Product Name Tunable Band Pass Filter RF Filters
Package Type Surface Mount; 30-VFLGA
VSWR 1.35 :1
Insertion Loss 5.3 dB 5.3 dB
Filter Technology Passive Filter
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