Zygo Corporation Laser Head, ZM 7714 8070-027X-0X

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Laser Head, ZM 7714 - 8070-027X-0X - Zygo Corporation
Middlefield, CT, United States
Laser Head, ZM 7714 8070-027X-0X
ZMI™ lasers provide frequency stabilized, two-frequency output to drive multiple measurement axes. The small ZMI™ 7705 is used with the ZMI™ 501A measurement enclosure to provide two axes of measurement. The larger lasers include features such as more power (7702), water cooling (7714), and separate laser source and delivery modules (7722/7724). These lasers can typically provide enough light to support tens of measurement axes.
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Technical Specifications

  Zygo Corporation
Product Category Lasers
Product Number 8070-027X-0X
Product Name Laser Head, ZM 7714
Operating Temperature 20 to 25 C (68 to 77 F)
Laser Type Helium Neon Lasers
Laser Power 1.25 to 1.35 milliwatts
CDRH Classification Class IIIa
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