American Power Design, Inc. High Voltage DC to DC Converter H50 Series H50-500/500

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High Voltage DC to DC Converter H50 Series H50-500/500
The H50 Series of DC/DC converters accepts ultra wide input ranges of 9-36Vdc, 20-60Vdc. Outputs are independently isolated. In the case of duals, 80% power may be taken from either output. All models will tolerate a short circuit indefinitely. Also included is a PI Network input filter and remote on/off. Features Customer Selects Output Voltage Outputs to 1000Vdc Efficiency to 88% Independently Isolated Outputs Ultra Wide Input Range 1 kVdc Output Isolation Continuous Short Circuit Protection Remote On/Off Control Temp. (Stability): 0.02%/Deg C Temp. (Operating Case): -45 to +85 Deg C Temp. (Storage): -55 to +100 Deg C EMI/RFI: Six Sided Shield Derating: None Cooling: Free-Air Convection * All models designed to meet UL 60950
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Technical Specifications

  American Power Design, Inc.
Product Category Power Supplies
Product Number H50-500/500
Product Name High Voltage DC to DC Converter H50 Series
DC Output Power 50 watts
DC Input Voltage 9.0 to 36.0 volts
DC Input Current 1.6 to 6.2 amps
Operating Temperature -45 to 85 C (-49 to 185 F)
Type DC-DC Converter; High Voltage
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